How to Set Up a Home Network
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August 25, 2021

How to Set Up a Home Network?

Movistar’s fiber-optic Internet offer allows access to the network at speeds of 300 MB, 600 MB, and 1 GB. Separately, you can contract fiber at 300 and 600 MB. But through Fusion, you can count on a 1 Gbps connection. Internet at home at professional speeds that will allow you to connect all your devices at high speed.

How to Set Up a Home Network

However, to take advantage of that 1GB fiber throughout your home, you may have to make certain decisions. To start with, carry out some tasks, take into account the layout of the Movistar Router and the devices that you are going to connect to the Internet… Nothing complicated, it will only take you some time.

Pulling ethernet cable

There are two ways to connect a device to your Movistar Router. Through an Ethernet cable, also called RJ45 or Ethernet cable with RJ45 connector, or through WiFi connectivity. The Ethernet option is the simplest way to obtain the maximum contracted speed. The problem is pulling cable all over the house. Otherwise, your router has four Ethernet ports.

Build Your Home Network

To connect the Ethernet cables you can use an Ethernet Switch or Network Switch. They are devices similar to a router but simpler. They are connected to the electrical current and offer several Ethernet ports. Ideal for connecting many devices to each other.

Deploying a WiFi network

Regarding WiFi, it is more convenient to deploy the Internet at home. No cables in between. It is the most used option because smartphones, tablets, and other tiny devices only offer WiFi. Ethernet ports are often found on larger devices such as computers, consoles, or televisions. Your Movistar Router offers two types of WiFi.

On the one hand, the WiFi point. It is equivalent to 2.4GHz WiFi and uses the 802.11n protocol. Its maximum speed is 300 Mbps under special conditions. The usual speed is 54 Mbps. The second WiFi point of your Movistar Router is WiFi Plus. It is equivalent to 5GHz WiFi and uses the 802.11ac protocol. Its maximum speed is 1.93 Gbps. Perfect for our 1Gbps network.

gigabit Ethernet to your home

The problem with WiFi is that its range is short. The further you go, the more speed you lose. Objects such as furniture or walls in between also influence. The solution, use WiFi repeaters at a short distance. An example is the Movistar Smart WiFi Amplifier, which precisely allows you to create complementary 5GHz networks to take advantage of the contracted speed.

It should also be borne in mind that if your devices to connect are old enough, not all of them will be compatible with the 802.11ac WiFi protocol, the one that offers the highest speed. There you will have to weigh if you need that much speed for those devices or you can settle for the previous protocols. It is not the same to watch movies online or play network games, which require bandwidth than to turn on the light from a distance or start the robot vacuum cleaner, which with little bandwidth work perfectly.

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